Bulk Cargo

Handling of dry bulk cargo

We provide comprehensive handling of, inter alia, fertilizers and agro goods

 Within comprehensive handling of dry bulk cargo, we offer:

  • reloading and storage of dry bulk cargo
  • (agro cargoes, fertilizers, aggregates, other bulk cargoes, such as sodium glaze, gypsum, pellets, wood chips, minerals, coal, coke, anthracite and others),
  • storage of goods in warehouses with a capacity of 20,000 tons,
  • storage in yards and open boxes with a capacity of 30,000 tons,
  • full handling of all land means of transport, ships and barges,
  • packaging of fertilizers, technological line for filling big bags,
  • additional services.

Terminal parameters and reloading equipment:

  • annual reloading potential of 500,000 tons,
  • 3 km of quays, including those serving the largest ships, i.e. the Czech and Slovak quays (draft up to 9.15 m),
  • port cranes equipped with grippers from 3m3 to 12 m3,
  • big bag filling machine,
  • conveyors, bunkers,
  • front loaders, terminal tractors for internal transport,
  • car weight,
  • modern WMS system supporting the work of the terminal
parameters of the terminal

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