Other dry bulk cargoes

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Other dry bulk cargos


As part of handling other dry bulk goods:

  • we offer services for other bulk cargoes such as soda glaze, coke, potassium salt, minerals, wood chips, etc.,
  • owned reloading equipment, storage possibilities and experienced staff provide comprehensive handling of this cargo group.

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We provide comprehensive handling of various special and oversized cargoes.

We provide highly qualified handling of special and oversized cargo:

  • we reload, inter alia: transformers, factory equipment, dumps for lifeboats, tanks, cranes, complete wind towers, pontoons, aquaparks, vehicles and many others,
  • we store on a large storage area on adapted yards with appropriate load capacity,
  • we have 3 self-propelled port cranes with a lifting capacity of 100 tons each,
  • for items heavier than 100 tons, it is possible to reload the cranes in a group,
  • we are an important reloading point for military equipment.

Since 2009, we have had the NATO National Economy Entity Code. It allows us to reload military equipment, such as vehicles, semi-trailers, fuel tanks, etc., and equipment such as drinking water. 

For this purpose, we offer 1 28-m wide ro-ro ramp and 2 portable railway ramps. 

We also have free office space intended for the needs of the army.

The strictest safety and cleanliness requirements are fulfilled by us.

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Bartosz Jaskulski

DB Port Szczecin