Cooperations with educational units


We construct a port through cooperation with educational units


In 2018, thanks to the idea of Marcin Bykowski - Director of the Operations Department, "the initiative "getting to know each other better" was created. Its purpose was to support schools in terms of educating young people as future employees. This project was organized as part of the DB Cargo Polska program, "Good practice". 

Meetings were organized as part of cooperation with the West Pomeranian Maritime and Polytechnic Education Centre and the School Complex no. 8 in Szczecin. During such meetings DB Port Szczecin employees shared their knowledge about port activities with young people. 

In addition, experts from individual departments of the company talked with students, inter alia, about the history of the Szczecin port, cargo handling and storage, operational aspects and handling technologies. 


The main purpose of cooperation with schools is to build the prestige of technical professions on the local labor market. It is equally important to support the development of projects related to increasing the quality of vocational education in professions consistent with the company's business profile. These include: logistics technician, port and terminal operation technician. 

The meetings will contribute to building awareness among young people about port activities, as well as deepening and systematizing the existing knowledge in this field. 

On the one hand, this initiative supports the education of young people, and on the other, it promotes the port as a future reliable employer. 

The project is very successful and the number of participants is increasing. 

Unfortunately, in connection with the coronavirus pandemic, meetings are held online.