Handling of general cargo

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Handling of general cargo

We provide comprehensive handling for various general and unit cargoes.

As part of comprehensive handling of group and unit cargoes, we offer:

  • handling and storage of general cargo, such as: steel products, non-ferrous metals, granites and granite products, wood-based products (cellulose and paper) and other goods.
  • dedicated quays: Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, 
  • over 52,000 m2 warehouse space and 140,000 m2 storage yards, warehouses have car service stations, and one of them has 190-meter railway track, which allows for manipulation regardless of weather conditions,
  • additional services on the goods, e.g. segregation, banding, etc.,
  • Free Customs Zone (FCZ) to reload and manipulate goods without paying customs duties and taxes,
  • bonded warehouses and temporary storage warehouses,
  • modern WMS system supporting the work of the terminal.
General Cargo Port

Reloading equipment for handling general cargo:

  • 3 Gottwald port cranes with a loading capacity up to 100 tons,
  • over 60 stackers with a lifting capacity from 8 to 42 t,
  • 16 stationary cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 25 t,
  • 2 Manotti mobile all terrain cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 85 t,
  • 4 Demag type mobile cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 65 t,
  • new Liebherr mobile crane with a lifting capacity of up to 90 t,
  • and others, such as cellulose clamps and hooks for transporting sheet metal.

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