Voluntary service

Helping others is the source of happiness


We participate in nationwide social campaigns organized by DB Cargo Polska. In addition, we help our local people in need. 

Completed actions and activities:

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Within the first nationwide social program "Change a Mobile Phone to a Board Game", volunteers from DB Port Szczecin donated caregivers of selected facilities sets of board games. The purpose was to prevent phono-addiction, i.e. the excessive use of smartphones and computers among children and adolescents. 

There were two editions of the action. The first time the volunteers visited children from the Educational Tenter of the Society of the Friends of Children at ul. Potulicka in Szczecin. They encouraged children to spend their free time playing board games by having fun together. 

The second time, the volunteers of DB Port Szczecin, in cooperation with the Dr Clown Foundation from Szczecin, brought games and teddy bears for the little children staying in the Hospital in Zdroje.

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As part of the next volunteering action of DB Port Szczecin, i.e. "A smile for a senior", our friends and a representative of the "Dr Clown" Foundation visited the Nursing Home, "Dom Kombatanta", located at ul. Krucza in Szczecin. The purpose was to conduct laughter therapy and art therapy workshops. We obtained funds for the implementation of the volunteer work by participating in a competition organized by DB Cargo Polska. 

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As part of the charity action: "Gaszyn Challenge", we met at the Finnish Quay to do push-ups and sit-ups together to help Kajetan suffering from SMA. We had been nominated for this activity by the Pol-Agent company. The action was to collect money for the boy, led by the siepomaga platform. 

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 Other activities:

  • Collection of gifts for the Nursing Home for the Disabled in Bobolice,
  • Collection of basic necessities for the hospital at ul. Arkońska in Szczecin; all under the slogan "Let's help those who help during the coronavirus period".
  • Provision of approximately 250 pieces of sewn masks by our brave ladies from administrative departments. The action took place in cooperation with the Facebook group "Szczecin Women are sowing masks". 

We are proud that we can do something for others.