Agro goods


Handling of agro goods


As part of handling agro bulk goods, we offer reloading in import and export, both directly and indirectly, with the possibility of storage in a dedicated covered warehouse of such goods as:    

  • cereals (wheat, triticale, rye, oats, barley, corn and others);
  • meal (soybean and rapeseed):
  • oilseeds;
  • DDGS (distillers grains), which are the grain by-product of the distillation process;
  • wood pellets;
  • any other agro-pellet or granular goods.

The quality of handling agro bulk goods is supported by GMP+ B3 - GMP+ MI 105 GMO Controlled certificates.

The certificates confirm the fact that we fulfill all requirements and conditions necessary to ensure the health safety of stored and reloaded grains and fodder. 


Terminal parameters and reloading equipment for handling agro goods:

  • Słowackie Quay, 560 m long and with a draft of 9.15 m, 
  • an indoor warehouse dedicated to transshipment of grains and fodder with a capacity of approx. 4000 tons, 
  • reloading equipment dedicated to agro bulk goods: 
    • 2 Gottwald cranes equipped with grippers with a capacity of 10 m3,
    • 4 electric cranes with grippers with a capacity of 3 m3,
    • 3 tractor units with 25 t trailers,
    • 3 Manitu, Hyundai and Merlo front loaders,
    • 3 ładowarki czołowe Manitu, Hyundai i Merlo,
    • conveyors and agro goods hopper,
    • truck scale.  

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