The general cargo terminal specification

We have over 60 years of experience in general cargo handling.

We reload general cargo such as: steel products , non-ferrous metals , granites, wood pulp and paper and other.

General cargo terminal has 56 000 m2 of warehouse and 140 000 m2 of storage sites . One of the warehouses has 190 meters of railway track and stations for car service, which allows manipulation regardless of weather conditions.


  • 2 Gottwald mobile harbour cranes with a lifting capacity up to 100 t;
  • 50 forklifts with a capacity of 15 to 25 t;
  • 16 electric cranes with a lifting capacity up to 25 t;
  • 2 mobile Manotti rough terrain cranes with a capacity of 85 t;
  • 4 Demag mobile rough terrain cranes with a capacity up to 65 t;
  • Other equipment.

DB Port Szczecin operates in the Duty Free Zone (DFZ), where cargo from outside of European Union can be stored and/or processed without paying duties and taxes. The whole area of DB Port Szczecin with warehouses is used simultaneously as customs warehouse as well as temporary storage.

For handling of general cargo we dedicate the following quays:

  • Czeskie quay : length 420 m , depth of 9.15 m , ro-ro ramp;
  • Słowackie quay : length 560 m , depth of 9.15 m;
  • Polskie quay : length 260 m , depth 8, 8 m;
  • Węgierskie quay: length 610 m , depth 8.6 m;
  • Rosyjskie quay : length 320 m , depth 7.6 m, Duty Free Zone.