Main cargo groups

DB Port Szczecin quays are suitable for handling a wide range of unitized cargo.

We reload all types of cargo as:

  • steel products: metal sheets, rolls and packages, wire rods, slabs, billets, logs, steel sheet piles, profiles, pipes, rails and other,
  • non- ferrous metals: mainly aluminium: wire coils on pallets, ingots, t-bars, billets and slabs
  • granites: slabs and blocks,
  • wood pulp in units and paper in rolls,
  • other cargo as: cocoa bags.

To handle this types of cargo we dedicate:

  • 2 modern, self-propelled Gottwald cranes with lifting capacity 100 tons each,
  • 50 forklifts with lifting capacity 25 tons,
  • 16 electric cranes with a lifting capacity 25 tons ,
  • 2 mobile rough terrain cranes with lifting capacity of 85 t each,
  • 4 mobile rough terrain cranes with lifting capacity of 65 t,
  • other equipment such as tractors, trailers or belt conveyers.

We have 14 storage yards with a total area of 140 000 m2, dedicated to general cargo and 8 warehouses with over 56 000 m2 of storage space. We provide suitable storage space for all types of cargo. For weather sensitive cargo such as woodpulp and paper, we offer a warehouse with 190 meters of rail tracks inside, which allows manipulation regardless of weather conditions. Other warehouses have tracks loading areas outside.