Welcome to our Bulk Terminal

General information

The parameters of the terminal and handling equipment

  • annual potential of 500,000 tons
  • 3 km quays including the deepest Czeskie i Słowackie (up to 9,15 m)
  • Electric cranes equipped in grabbers 3m3
  • Heavy mobile crane Gottwald equipped with grabber 10m3
  • Fertilizer packing machine for big bags
  • Conveyors
  • Indoor warehouse for handling loose goods with separated boxes with a capacity of 15,000 tons
  • Modern WMS system supporting the work of the terminal

Terminal offer:

  • Reloading in direct relations: vessel – BB/truck/barge/rail car
  • Reloading in indirect relations via storage yard and warehouse
  • Packing bulk into the big bags 0,3-1,5 tones
  • Storage: in bulk + big bag