Monitoring of irregularities and fraud

Information about the functioning of the mechanism enabling signaling of potential irregularities or fraud.

The Managing Authority for the Infrastructure and Environment Programme pays special attention to ensuring the implementation of projects under the Program in the following manner:

  • ethical,
  • public,
  • transparent.

To meet the abovementioned expectations, a tool was created to report any irregularities regarding projects financed from funds from the Infrastructure and Environment Programme.
Signals about irregularities will allow for the implementation of appropriate countermeasures and will contribute to ensuring the highest standards of project implementation.
In order to report irregularities one should:
use the form on the website or send a message to the e-mail address: or
What supposed to be reported

Suspicion of irregularities that concern representatives of institutions implementing the Program or entities implementing projects (e.g. Beneficiaries).

Rules for processing submitted applications:

  1. Each application is protected against being disclosed to unauthorized persons. The information covered by the report, enabling the person making the report to be identified, will be protected both at the stage of investigation of the case, when conducting possible preventive  actions, as well as in the future and made available only to authorized officials and officers of relevant services.
  2. All applications will be carefully considered in accordance with the internal procedures of the Managing Authority for the Infrastructure and Environment Program and the provisions of generally applicable  law.
  3. If the person submitting the notification via email is willing  to remain anonymous, the application will be fully anonymized (the applicant's personal data and other features allowing for the identification of his identity will be removed from the notification) before its possible transfer to clarify the case.
  4. In the case of reports (mainly anonymous) which are incomplete and it is not possible to complete them with  information, there is a risk that such a Report may not be considered.