Multipurpose and well experienced operator

DB Port Szczecin as a port operator has an extensive experience in handling of general cargo, operating since 1950s.

DB Port Szczecin offers reloading and storage services in the Port of Szczecin.

Our major activity is concentrated around reloading of the containers and general cargo as: steel products, non-ferrous metals, granites, woodpulp and paper. We also reload project cargo, heavy loads and other cargo such as dangerous cargo or fertilizers in bulk.

What you should know about DB Port Szczecin:

  • We are part of Deutsche Bahn AG;
  • We have over 48 ha of area;
  • We have ISPS certificate (International Standards of Port Security);
  • We have more than 3 km of quays, more than 56 000 m2 of warehouses and more than 210 000 m2 of storage yards;
  • We have Duty Free Area and customs warehouses;
  • We employ over 200 highly qualified staff ;
  • Thanks to the capital of DB AG and EU funds, we constantly invest in equipment and infrastructure;
  • We have a new container terminal with reloading capacity of 120 000 TEU, storage capacity of 4,000 TEU and plug-in stations for 157 reefer containers;
  • We use TOS Autostore Container Managemenet System and WMS (Warehouse Management System), which allow us to trace the cargo in real time;
  • Together with Customs Office we have implemented the "One Stop Shop" and "Single Window" improving cooperation with state agencies, accelerating customs clearance and reducing customers’ load-handling costs;
  • We have NATO Entity Code which allows transshipments of military equipment.

Historic overview 

Since 1950s cargo handling in Szczecin Port was performed by state-owned company. In 1991 the company split into 17 companies. In 1994 three of them "EWA Stevedoring", “Łasztownia " and “Starówka" united into Drobnica Port Szczecin. This year also Duty Free Zone was established, starting its official activities next year . Then in 2008 the company was acquired by PCC Rail SA and changed name to PCC Port Szczecin. Later, Starówka quay was handed over to the city. In 2009 the company was acquired by Deutsche Bahn and changed name into DB Port Szczecin on 13th October 2009. Two months later an agreement on lease of Finskie quay (the site of new container terminal) was signed. In the following years, there has been intensification of investment activities in supra - and infrastructure of the new container terminal.

Since 2009, DB Port Szczecin is a part of Deutsche Bahn Group, the leading provider of integrated transport and logistics services worldwide. The solutions and resources of the DB Group are for us an important foundation we use, providing our customers with high quality service.

Our vision
To be an attractive port operator in Baltic region

Our mission
Continuous improvement of quality of the offered services