Reloadings at our terminal go ahead as usual

DB Port Szczecin does not implement any changes or restrictions on reloading ships, trucks and rail wagons

Ladies and gentlemen,

In current epidemiological situation safety of our employees is our priority, as well as securing continuous work at our terminal and serving our Clients as per agreements, well, on time, with highest  quality and safety.

Reloading of ships will commence as soon as the crews’ health is checked by Border Guards. For truck drivers we only implement a requirement for personal protective gear - masks and  gloves. We ask you to minimize any personal contact with our employees, who remain at your service via e-mails and mobile phones.

Loading of military vehicles to Lebanon

On 21st October we loaded more than 30 units of military equipment for the mission in Lebanon.

loading military vehicles

Source 12: Mechanized Brigade in Szczecin


DB Port Szczecin has bought a new forklifts

In the first half of April new equipment was delivered to DB Port Szczecin: Kalmar forklift truck with lifting capacity up to 42 tons and three 8-tons Yale forklifts.

The equipment has been assembled and equipped with the necessary accessories. Following the review of TDT (Transport Engineering Supervision) machines were transferred to the Operational Department.  New forklifts represent a significant enhancement of the DB Port Szczecin transshipment fleet. Yales will be used for handling: wood pulp in units, paper in rolls and aluminum in bundles, Kalmar for: granite blocks, steel products and project cargo.

Thanks to the purchase of the new equipment, technical possibilities of DB Port Szczecin will increase. We will be able to handle the cargo faster, improve quality of service and increase customer satisfaction.